Maria Fernanda Benitez

Spanish Lead Teacher


Meet Maria Fernanda Benitez, our talented Abejas Lead Teacher at CommuniKids! Maria has been a part of our school community since January 2019, bringing her passion for teaching and nurturing young minds. Her journey as an educator began at a young age when she discovered her ability to teach flamenco dance to kids and adults. This led her to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education in Venezuela, where she worked at La Ceiba Pre School from 2002 to 2016. Currently, Maria is studying Pedagogy at UTEL Mexican University, with plans to graduate in 2025. When she’s not inspiring little learners, Maria enjoys spending time with her family in Germantown, where she lives with her husband, two kids, and stepson. She cherishes outdoor activities, taking walks around the lake, and listening to Flamenco music and George Harris, a Venezuelan comedian. Maria’s dedication to education and her love for her students make her a valued member of our team at CommuniKids!