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  • New Location for Fall 2020!

  • Our Values

    We demonstrate our core values in the way we work, how we treat each other, and serve our families. Each year, we put a special emphasis on one of our 6 Core Values, and integrate this value into all we do.

    2019-2020 School Year Featured Value

    Kindness cartoon character for language immersion preschool


    Being friendly, generous and considerate to those around us.

    Our Other Core Values

    Cartoon chracter for tolerance


    Celebrating and respecting the diversity in each and every one of us.

    Tolerance cartoon character


    Understanding that collaboration leads to better learning and better social connections.

    Responsibility cartoon character


    Understanding that actions have consequences that affect ourselves and others

    Mutliculturalism cartoon character


    Celebrating all the cultures and languages represented in our community.

    Equity cartoon character


    Equity: Commitment to promoting fair access to high quality multilingual early education.