Are you concerned about how to pay for a high quality early childhood education for your child? We can help!


As part of our commitment to providing greater access to our high quality, language immersion programs, CommuniKids Preschool participates in the following government funding programs:

  • The DC Childcare Subsidy Program
  • The Virginia Childcare Subsidy Program
  • Child Care Aware of America (CCAA) Fee Assistance Program

These subsidy programs provide eligible families a tuition subsidy to help pay for the annual cost of early childhood education for your child.

How does it work?
Families apply directly to the subsidy or fee assistance programs, and if they are eligible, DC, VA, or CCAA pay a portion of CommuniKids’ tuition. The subsidy payments are sent directly to CommuniKids, and families pay a co-pay to CommuniKids as well.

How do I know if our family is eligible?
DC or Virginia subsidy eligibility is based on income and other factors such as enrollment in a training or education program. Child Care Aware’s fee assistance program is for military families only. Families MUST apply directly through their state’s or CCAA’s program.

Here is information on how to apply to the respective programs: