The Best Decision We Have Made

I LOVE LOVE LOVE CommuniKids for their teachers. They are the most caring group I have ever known and because of that my daughter has thrived in the CommuniKids environment, and it has only been 3 months! It is so much fun to see her interact in another language---singing songs, having conversations, pretend play, almost anything. I love the confidence the teachers at CommuniKids have given my daughter; I love how they treat her; and I love how they accept my daughter's own culture and diversity. Coming to CommuniKids has been the best decision we have made; my daughter loves coming to school everyday, even getting up in the morning is fun and easy because she is so excited about school and seeing her teachers.

Anika B.

Safe and Loving Environment

Our son is excited about learning and coming to school each day. It is comforting to know that our son is in a safe and loving environment that is helping him to be the best he can be. CommuniKids staff is part of our extended family! Thank you for all that you do.

Euniesha D.

Supportive, Kind, Caring Environment

Our son loves CommuniKids because it is a supportive, kind, caring environment filled with other children and families who care about being global citizens of the world.

Lesley B.

Positive , Happy Vibe

I lost countless nights of sleep when searching for a preschool for my son three (3) years ago. It was going to be the first time I would be leaving my son in the care of someone that was not family. I will never forget going to the open house at CommuniKids in Falls Church. I was allowed to observe a few moments of some classes, listening to the teachers speaking in Spanish and French, sitting in circle time, reading books and engaged in art and science activities. I felt such a positive, happy vibe from all of the teachers that day.

In particular, I remember observing Maestra's class. I observed as she read The Three Little Pigs to the class in Spanish and passed around straw and brick for the children to feel the different textures. All the children were engaged and captivated by her kind, expressive personality. In fact, it brought tears to my eyes because for the first time I could picture my son away from home, cared for and happy. It was then I knew he had to attend CommuniKids!

Three (3) years later, after countless classrooms and summer camps, and I'm left with only glowing recommendations for the teachers and administration at CommuniKids. My son looks forward to school every single day. Each year he has developed a special bond with his teachers, as have I. CommuniKids has been fantastic; not only because it's allowed my son to be truly bilingual at a young age and has taught him through play, making learning fun, but it has provided a sense of community for me and my son which is priceless.

Melissa A.

It’s More than a School

We love CommuniKids for our daughter. It's more than a school it's an opportunity to learn about different cultures and expand her diversity. It's amazing to watch her speak Spanish as I always wished I had learned another language. She is thriving.

Kate S.

Good Teachers and a Good Organization

I think good education requires two things: good teachers and good organization that lets the teachers do their work. CommuniKids has excellent teachers and the CommuniKids organization allows them to work wonders with our kids. We are very happy with the education and care our daughter is getting.

Keith O.

Incredibly Supportive

We love CommuniKids because they have been incredibly supportive. We arrived in DC a couple of months ago, moving is big thing for young children and the school has been amazing supporting us in the adjusting period of our four year old son!

Angela B.

Given Us a Priceless Gift

We have been in CommuniKids for three years with two kids. Our oldest is today in kindergarten. As a result of CommuniKids, she is academically and socially advanced. If you are unsure of how the education in Spanish will translate to kindergarten, I can assure you, CommuniKids has given us the priceless gift of preparing our oldest daughter for an easy transition into kindergarten. More than a good education, the confidence instilled in the children is priceless.

Nitiana M.

Wonderful Foundation for a Lifetime of Learning

Our whole family of five loves CommuniKids starting from when we were searching for preschools, there was an immediate feeling of warmth when we walked in the door that we didn't experience anywhere else.  Five years later, that same feeling exists and our children have been given a wonderful foundation from which to build upon for a lifetime of learning. They have become completely fluent in Spanish. We have complete trust in the teachers at CommuniKids and never worry about our children being there. Our children have thrived in an environment where they are nurtured and encouraged through play-based learning.  Our older children wish they could go back to CommuniKids because they have "the best games and activities." We would recommend CommuniKids to anyone looking to raise their children as global citizens in an immersion play-based environment.

Kirsten T.

Love and Laugh with Friends

We love to hear the stories and the excitement in their voices as they share the new things they learn each day at school, and the friends they love and laugh with.

Alice G.

Teachers and Staff Truly Care

We LOVE CommuniKids because the teachers and staff truly care about the children. Our daughter often asks after she gets home if she can please go back to school again because she has so much fun every day. As parents, we are impressed with how organized the whole operation is, from curriculum development to field trips to the everyday check-in, check-out, and kiss 'n ride process. We love this school!!!

David and Tania M.

Incredibly Creative

The teachers are incredibly creative with amazing crafts and projects that are so fun- life-sized tracings of the kids to learn about their bodies, chocolate banana sushi to learn cooking, and painting with blueberries and shaving cream to name a few. We also love the impromptu visits to the library and the fire station as they learn about the community. And, this is all while learning a second-language! Most of all, however, we love seeing the huge smile on our son's face each time we pick him up. It makes us happy that he is happy. He loves his teachers, he loves all his new friends and he loves CommuniKids!

Blair S.

Wonderful Experience

We had a wonderful experience at Communikids and were incredibly lucky to get a public PK3 spot. Our son learned a LOT of Spanish, had warm and caring teachers, and enjoyed school.

Katie Benton-Cohen

Formal Education

I can't imagine a better preschool for our children to begin their "formal education". Thank you to Communikids for an incredible curriculum that engages and teaches through language immersion and creative activities every step of the day! In this school, we have found a nurturing environment that embraces our children's' individual needs while fostering a love for language and culture. You have a very dedicated staff and run a top-notch immersion program.

Andiana B.

Learning Spanish

My son is learning Spanish and loves coming to classes. Highly recommended. Great teachers and program.

Jeff Zelaya

Kind and Patient Teachers

“The teachers are kind, patient and very skilled at how to teach young children. They communicate with parents on a regular basis and are always available by email or in person.”

Reem Labib Tyson

A Difference in Our Lives

It was an extremely windy day during a remarkably warm winter when I and my two kids, once again, stepped through the entrance to the small school on Wisconsin Avenue. Immediately, the void created by the wind at the door was suffused with tremendous warmth and vivacious energy.

‘¡Buenos dias!’ greeted the center director.

‘¡Buenos dias!’ I replied, as my two-year-old literally skipped to her classroom while my four-year-old bustled to his. As each child settled in, I thought about all the ways in which CommuniKids has made a difference in our lives. Where to begin? Certainly, there is the fact that the school practices its philosophy. It is a play-based, diverse program with an emphasis on developing children of character. In doing so, the school draws upon the maternal charisma and loving guidance of its teachers and on personal interaction with the students that builds upon their strengths and interests while gently working on their weaknesses. It fosters abundant communication among parents, teachers and students. It is a place where imagination is encouraged and respect is instilled. It is a place, quite simply, where children feel welcome and at home. By creating this environment, CommuniKids allows for a tremendous amount of learning to take place. And it does so in an entirely different language.

When asked what she loves about CommuniKids, my daughter does not hesitate before saying ‘Maestra!’. My son, on the other hand, answers my question not in words but in actions. Every evening at pick up time he has one request ‘¿Puedo quedar por un poco mas tiempo por favor?’ ‘Can I stay for a little more time please?’

So how has CommuniKids made a difference in our lives? This summer, our children will be attending a summer camp in Mexico City. I have complete faith that the Spanish they have learned at CommuniKids will allow them to be comfortable, if not proficient, during their experience there. Next year, my son will transition from three years at CommuniKids to our local public school. I have no doubt that the emotional maturity and intellectual skills that were encouraged at CommuniKids within the scope of a play-based program for his younger years will allow him to thrive in a more traditional setting when he is a little older.

For those looking for a place where their child will be loved, will learn, and will love to learn. A place where learning in a different language is not a big deal, but rather, just is. A place where your child can see himself as a unique, special individual in a diverse and interesting world. A place where children and parents as well as teachers feel that they and their ideas are welcome, then CommuniKids is the place for you!


Amma M.