Audy Felix

Center Director


Meet Audy Felix, our dedicated Center Director at CommuniKids! Hailing from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Audy has been an integral part of our school community for 12.5 years. Audy adores the genuine smiles and warm hugs from children, as well as the joy of teaching and learning from them. Her journey at CommuniKids started as a volunteer, and she steadily progressed through roles such as assistant teacher, lead teacher, and assistant director before becoming our esteemed center director. Audy holds a BA in Spanish with ample credits in Early Childhood education from the University of the District of Columbia, graduating in December 2010. Outside of her professional life, Audy enjoys dancing, listening to Latin music, especially Salsa, indulging in Christmas movies, and cherishing moments with her almost 10-year-old son and parents. Her unwavering dedication to shaping young minds and her love for fostering a nurturing environment make Audy an invaluable asset to our school community.