Carolina Pereira

Spanish Assistant Teacher


Meet Carolina Pereira, our dedicated Assistant Teacher at CommuniKids! With a passion for working with children, Carolina’s journey as an educator began with studying three years of law at university. However, it was her love for children that led her to change her path and start working with them. Before joining CommuniKids, Carolina gained valuable experience working in a daycare and a Jewish congregational school. Her fascination with children’s spontaneity, their love for play, and the joy of teaching and sharing knowledge have made her an invaluable asset to our school. In her free time, Carolina enjoys spending quality moments with her beautiful family, including her husband and two daughters. Excitement fills the air as they eagerly await the arrival of a grandchild who will bring even more joy into their lives. In her free time, Carolina indulges in her love for music, playing instruments, dancing, playing tennis, spending time with friends, going to the beach, reading, and meditating. Her vibrant personality and passion for education make her a beloved member of our school community, enriching the lives of our young learners every day.