Elba Lidia Sánchez Regidor

Spanish Lead Teacher


Introducing Elba Lidia Sánchez Regidor, our dedicated Lead Teacher at CommuniKids! Hailing from Spain, Elba brings her passion for education and a background in communication to our team. Her journey as an educator began with a realization that teaching could shape a better world. With a degree in Humanities and Primary Education Teaching from the University of Alcalá, Elba’s commitment to learning and growth is evident. She further honed her skills through a master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and is currently pursuing a degree in English Studies. Elba’s teaching experience is broad, from assisting Spanish conversation in Massachusetts to her role here at CommuniKids, where she started as a Prek 4 Assistant Teacher. When she’s not guiding young minds, Elba enjoys baking, crafting, reading, and exploring new cultures through travel. Her love for animals and nature is evident in her companions back in Spain. In Maryland, she shares her life with her husband, and they look forward to building their own family. Elba’s diverse experiences and unwavering enthusiasm enrich the learning environment for our students at CommuniKids, making her a cherished asset to our team.