Quichen (Jason) Zhu

Mandarin Chinese Assistant Teacher


Introducing Jason Zhu, our dedicated Assistant Mandarin Teacher at CommuniKids! Hailing from China, Jason has been an invaluable part of our team for 1 year. With a background in HR and a passion for primary education, Jason’s journey into teaching children has been fueled by his deep-seated enthusiasm. His undergraduate degree in Primary Education from Universidad de Alcala (Spain) in 2014 laid the foundation for his commitment to nurturing young minds. Jason’s own experience as a father to a three-year-old daughter further fuels his dedication to preschool education. Prior to joining CommuniKids, he worked as an HR staff in a think tank in China, but his desire to shape the future generation led him to the classroom. Beyond his professional life, Jason loves road trips, swimming, and walks in the park. He brings a unique blend of experience and passion to his role, enriching the learning journey for our students at CommuniKids!