Raúl Echevarría



Meet Raúl Echevarría, an esteemed education leader with over 20 years of experience in the field. As the co-founder, President, and CEO of CommuniKids Preschool and Children’s Language Centers, Raúl is dedicated to educational excellence and fostering collaborative partnerships for student success. At CommuniKids, Washington, D.C.’s premier language immersion preschool with four centers in the metro region, Raúl provides visionary leadership, overseeing business development, educational programs, research, and professional learning.

Raúl’s passion for multilingual early childhood education has made him a sought-after speaker at national conferences like ACTFL and NAEYC. He has also been actively involved in shaping education policy, serving on the OSSE Dual Language Learner Working Group and the DC Board of Audiologists and Speech and Language Pathology. Raúl testified before the DC Council and the Fairfax County School Board, advocating for increased funding for language immersion programs and the Birth-to-Three for All DC Act of 2018.

Before his career in education, Raúl contributed to civil rights law and whistle-blower protection at the Office of the Special Council in Washington, D.C., and the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination in Boston, MA. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from Boston University, a J.D. from the University of Puerto Rico, and has completed extensive Spanish language and cultural studies at the Instituto Internacional in Madrid, Spain.

Recognized for his dedication and accomplishments, Raúl received the 2019 Multilingual Education Award from the DC Language Immersion Project and the 2016 Federico de Onís Award from the Plaza Institute. His unwavering commitment to fostering multilingualism and providing children with a strong foundation for future success makes Raúl Echevarría an inspiration in the field of early childhood education.