Tina Xu

Assistant Director of Admissions


Meet Tina Xu, our talented Assistant Director of Admissions from China! With 4.5 years of dedicated service at CommuniKids, Tina brings a wealth of experience to our school community. Before joining CommuniKids, Tina worked as a personal tutor and as a Sales and Marketing Executive at Thomas English School in Chongqing, China. After moving to the United States as an Au Pair, Tina started her journey at CommuniKids as an assistant Mandarin teacher, showcasing her passion for education and language. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Television Film and Literature Studies from Chongqing Normal University, Tina plays a crucial role in admissions, helping families become a part of our vibrant multicultural community. In her free time, Tina indulges in her love for cooking, particularly preparing delicious Chinese dishes. She also enjoys watching movies, traveling with her husband, and capturing beautiful memories through her photography. With her warm and welcoming personality, Tina is committed to providing families with a seamless and positive experience as they join our CommuniKids family.