Xiaowen Qiu

Mandarin Chinese Assistant Teacher


Meet Xiaowen Qiu, an experienced Assistant Teacher at CommuniKids! Hailing from China, Xiaowen brings over three decades of dedication to education. Her journey began in 1989 as a class teacher and Chinese teacher in a public primary school in Wuhan, China. Her passion for teaching grew as she poured her energy into her work, garnering recognition and accolades from both the school and parents. In 2004, she expanded her expertise to a private school in Guangdong Province, where she excelled as a head teacher and leader of the Chinese teaching team. Xiaowen’s commitment to education led her to the United States, where she continued her journey as a Pre-K School teaching assistant at the Little Genius Montessori School in Maryland. Since July 2022, she has been an integral part of the CommuniKids team, contributing her wealth of experience and enthusiasm to our students’ growth. Xiaowen graduated from the China Youth University for Political Science in 1993 with an associate degree in administrative management. Her passion for teaching and diverse experience make her a valuable asset to our community at CommuniKids!