Yesenia Arely Turcios Velásquez


Introducing Yesenia Arely Turcios Velásquez, our dedicated Assistant Teacher at CommuniKids! With a rich history in nurturing young minds, Yesenia has been an essential part of our team for a year. Before joining CommuniKids, she gained valuable experience by working in a children’s center. Holding a college degree as a kindergarten teacher from El Salvador, earned in December of 1999, Yesenia brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Beyond the classroom, Yesenia enjoys spending quality time with her loving and supportive family, which includes two wonderful children and a caring husband. She also finds joy in her hobby of maintaining a fish tank with three adorable fish. In her free time, Yesenia indulges in her passions, including reading, listening to music, dancing, and taking leisurely walks in the park. Yesenia’s commitment to early childhood education and her vibrant personality enrich the learning experience for our students at CommuniKids!