Preschool Admission Process

Our Preschool Admissions Process is designed to give parents and families an opportunity to learn about our program, and to give us the chance to learn more about your child and your family.

Step 1: Visit our school

Step 2: Apply

Please complete the online PRESCHOOL APPLICATION based on your location below.
Once we have received your application, we will send you a PayPal link to pay the application fee.


In-person, one-on-one parent conversations may be scheduled to provide an opportunity for further discussion.

Step 4: Family Visit

Once we receive your Parent Conversation Form, we will invite your child and one parent for a 45 minute visit to our school. We’ll play and have fun!

Step 5: Decision

Admissions decisions are on a rolling basis for late applications.
If you have missed the regular admissions schedule outlined here, please contact us