A Difference in Our Lives

A Difference in Our Lives

It was an extremely windy day during a remarkably warm winter when I and my two kids, once again, stepped through the entrance to the small school on Wisconsin Avenue. Immediately, the void created by the wind at the door was suffused with tremendous warmth and vivacious energy.

‘¡Buenos dias!’ greeted the center director.

‘¡Buenos dias!’ I replied, as my two-year-old literally skipped to her classroom while my four-year-old bustled to his. As each child settled in, I thought about all the ways in which CommuniKids has made a difference in our lives. Where to begin? Certainly, there is the fact that the school practices its philosophy. It is a play-based, diverse program with an emphasis on developing children of character. In doing so, the school draws upon the maternal charisma and loving guidance of its teachers and on personal interaction with the students that builds upon their strengths and interests while gently working on their weaknesses. It fosters abundant communication among parents, teachers and students. It is a place where imagination is encouraged and respect is instilled. It is a place, quite simply, where children feel welcome and at home. By creating this environment, CommuniKids allows for a tremendous amount of learning to take place. And it does so in an entirely different language.

When asked what she loves about CommuniKids, my daughter does not hesitate before saying ‘Maestra!’. My son, on the other hand, answers my question not in words but in actions. Every evening at pick up time he has one request ‘¿Puedo quedar por un poco mas tiempo por favor?’ ‘Can I stay for a little more time please?’

So how has CommuniKids made a difference in our lives? This summer, our children will be attending a summer camp in Mexico City. I have complete faith that the Spanish they have learned at CommuniKids will allow them to be comfortable, if not proficient, during their experience there. Next year, my son will transition from three years at CommuniKids to our local public school. I have no doubt that the emotional maturity and intellectual skills that were encouraged at CommuniKids within the scope of a play-based program for his younger years will allow him to thrive in a more traditional setting when he is a little older.

For those looking for a place where their child will be loved, will learn, and will love to learn. A place where learning in a different language is not a big deal, but rather, just is. A place where your child can see himself as a unique, special individual in a diverse and interesting world. A place where children and parents as well as teachers feel that they and their ideas are welcome, then CommuniKids is the place for you!