The Importance of Teaching Multiculturalism & Diversity

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Excerpt from Jenne Parks article on Hatch: the Early Learning Experts ®


“It is vital to provide inclusion of multiculturalism and diversity in your preschool lesson plans and it is not just because NAEYC & ECERS & NECPA and every other accreditation organization says so!

An emphasis of multicultural activities across the curriculum can help improve positive socialization behaviors among children. The impact of culture on learning and behavior is natural and should be recognized through inclusion of appropriate activities and knowledge of a child’s cultural background (Kendall, 1983). Supported by Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory, these systems begin with what is closest to the child and has the most impact, and expands outward to include the global environment and time (Broffenbrenner, 1974).

A sound multicultural education model manifests an acceptance of a respect for all cultures in our pluralistic society. It fosters positive self-regard in one’s own culture and positive attitudes toward the culture of others. While exploring similarities and differences among cultures, it develops an understanding and appreciation of one’s own cultural heritage as well as that of other cultures. It fosters the ability to function harmoniously and productively in a multicultural society [….]”


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